I was born in Turin where I still live. My commitment to photography dates back to the early seventies, this commitment became, at the threshold of my thirtieth anniversary, my reason for living. From a substantially colour production, which had variegated subjects, both landscapes and portraits, I passed over the years to black and white, to which I attributes a more introspective capacity. I work with very simple cameras, which give free rein to my creativity. My photography is close to the genre of street photography.

I saw the publication of my works in magazines, I collaborated with several publishing houses. My portfolios feature in magazines of the photography sector such as: Gente di Fotografia, Photo Italia, Reflex, Fotocult, Fotografare,Réponses Photo, Il Fotografo etc.I was asked to hold some workshops, the most important of which are: Holga mon Amour sponsored by PH Libero, Turin, a photo agency I have worked with. So far I have been gratified thanks to the exhibitions shown in prestigious venues (Giovani Fotografi Italiani: Milan, Modena 1992; Galleria Carrara di Bergamo 1993; Diaframma-Kodak Cultura, Milan 1993; Immagini del Gusto: Istituto Italiano della Fotografia, Bibbiena 2005; Galleria Lanterna Magica, Palermo 2008; Open Gallery, Atlanta 2009; Art Code allo Stattbad in Berlin 2009; Confini 08: Florence, Turin, Rome, Genoa, Milan, Palermo, Trieste 2010/2011; Foto Pauvre: Rambouillet-Paris 2010; Progetto P Galleria Gallerati, Rome 2011; Paratissima, Turin 2012; Mia Fair, Milan 2013; Paratissima, Turin 2013; Mia Fair, Milan 2014; Mia&D Singapore 2014; Paratissima, Turin 2014;Multilayers NH hotel, Milan 2014-2015, Mia Fair Milan 2015, Start Art Fair Saatchi Gallery, London 2015, Paratissima, Turin 2015). Some of my photos are part of permanent collections in private and national galleries such as: l’Accademia Carrara of Bergamo, Diaframma-Kodak Cultura di Milan, Fiaf of Turin e Millennium Images Limited, London, National Library of France, Paris. A great number of pictures I took were chosen as covers of books. My latest books are: Silent Forms 2008, Background 2010, Coasts 2012 e Visual Perceptions 2013.”Lanterna Magica” Editions, Palermo.